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Hello, world!

Welcome and thanks for reading my very first blog post on Darnaturals. I am thrilled to have you here, and I hope that you find value from the content that I curate and deliver here.

I would like to start this blog post with a brief autobiography. I was born in Nigeria, but I moved to the United States in 2002. Six and a half years later, I graduated with my Doctor of  Pharmacy degree. I subsequently obtained specialized postgraduate training and board certification, which enabled me to work in academia, and practice in the acute care setting as a clinical pharmacist. 

For about a decade, I practiced in an evolving profession that was challenging but provided me with ample growth and development opportunities. However, during that time, I also had evolved and I was now searching for more.

So in September of 2019, I quit my job, sold everything I owned, and bought a one-way ticket to Spain. Basically, I planned a self-sponsored sabbatical to;  feed my wanderlust, learn a new language and culture, rediscover myself, and to plan for the next stage in my life.

So here I am, seven months into this experience, in Seville Spain and I am now exploring the world of health and life coaching. I started an online health and life coaching course in March of 2020. The goal is to complete the course and obtain a nationally recognized board certification over the next 12 months.

Until then, I’ll be exploring several topics in the health and wellness space, and writing about them from my scientific and academic perspective. 

Welcome again, and I hope you return back soon. Continue to stay safe and heed the advice of the experts, in the midst of this unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis.

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