The Magic Plate: The 5-Day Double your energy challenge

We have all had those days when we can’t seem to get through the day because we are just feeling low mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  • Did you know that your mood/emotions correlate with your blood sugar levels? If you’ve ever been HANGRY you know exactly what I mean.
  • One solution is to modulate/balance your blood sugar level and one way to do this is to introduce the concept of a magic plate to your meal intake.
  • The Magic Plate brings a combination of protein, fat, and fiber into each meal and snack to stabilize your blood sugar.

Magic 2

So…in this challenge, we are going to see how we can each transform our “normal meals” to magic plates for 5 consecutive days! 

  • The concept is easy but consistently putting it into practice is hard. That’s where habit formation comes in and an online challenge can help you get you started.
  • The event will be held inside a closed Facebook group 

Why should you participate in this challenge? Well, at the end of this challenge, you will

  1. Learn a simple formula to help you to create a magic plate
  2. Decrease or greatly reduce the midday sugar crash and need for sugary snacks
  3. Experience having more energy throughout the day and fewer mood swings
  4. Get inspired by a community of people sharing meal ideas
  5. Support and accountability partners and community throughout the process

For more information about balancing blood sugar levels and the magic plate.

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